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Michael Perras, OFM
Michael Perras, OFM

Born and raised in the great prairie province of Saskatchewan as the oldest son of grocery store owners. Learned about serving the community from growing up in the grocery store. Enjoyed the gift of growing up in a small rural town with lots of extended family nearby.

Loves being a P.U.N.K. (Proud Uncle No Kids) and a Godfather. Loves Christmas, the creche and learning from the lives of the saints. Loves to be creative in the kitchen.

Can be found writing early in the morning. Is often tinkering in the chapel. Enjoys a good run, a good song, and setting a good table for celebrations.

Prior to joining the Franciscans worked in various ministry settings as a Youth Minister and Pastoral Assistant. Currently completing studies at Newman Theological College. Simply Professed Friar since 2015.

New blogs posted weekly - usually over the weekend.

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