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Advent Journey III

Advent Journey III


Advent days
where are you going?
You are slipping away
so very quickly.

The days are full,
they pull at me
to be busy,
so as not to go with purpose.

Advent days:
preparations and contemplation,
quiet and demands,
the tensions which hold this season.

Carols begin to fill my ears,
twinkling lights begin to appear,
cookies here and cakes too,
all so good but must having meaning.

Advent days
you awaken me
to stirrings in my heart
help me to listen.

The gifts of the season
the special treats and surprises
what do they say to me?
Do they lead me to the true gift?

Advent days
your message is prepare,
transform the way,
be ready for the child King comes to us.

Your days are now over half gone
yet I still have days to walk in you,
to grasp moments,
to ponder, to pray, to be.

Advent days
even in the busy
you find ways to whisper to me
about peace, hope, joy and love.

Settle into me O peace,
anchor me O hope,
guide my actions O joy
live through me O love…

in these few remaining Advent days and beyond.


Rejoice! Rejoice!
Emmanuel is drawing near!




 – inspired by a full schedule

and finding time for Advent reflections.