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Advent 1: Keep Awake

Advent 1: Keep Awake


“And what I say to you I say to all: Keep awake.” – Mark 13.37

Keep Awake is the appeal of Advent.

Keep awake my heart
so I may be and share love.

Keep awake my eyes
so I may see God among us.

Keep awake my ears
so I may hear the cry of the poor.

Keep awake my mouth
so I may raise my voice in praise.

Keep awake my hands
so I may do what is mine to do.

Keep awake my feet
so I may go where God needs me.

Keep awake my life
so I may encounter Emmanuel.

Keep awake in the Advent journey
and grasp how Emmanuel is calling
my life to be transformed this season.

Keep awake and be on guard
to choose life-giving, soul-stirring,
purposeful actions in this season
of joy, hope, peace and love.

Keep Awake!

Blessings on the Advent journey!