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Advent Journey II

Advent Journey II


Advent you are filled with
rich and interesting characters
and inviting winter darkness.
Rich and interesting characters
and inviting winter darkness
which awakens me,
calls me to who I am
and the light dawning within.

Prophets, seers, sages,
challenge me to see
the light I carry
and how I let it shine.
Darkness which enfolds me,
gently slows me down,
awakening me to truths
and wisdom needed.

Wise women and brave men
walk with me on this journey,
whispering to me their stories,
which are part of my own.
The darkness of this season
envelops around me like a gentle blanket
not laden with fear or worry
rather with hope, like a child in the womb.

Isaiah, Jeremiah and John the Baptist
declare what is coming
and what has already come;
I must take up what they have heralded.
Darkness creates a masterpiece,
my eyes adjusting to new ways
of seeing into my heart
and the stirring hope which enlightens it.

Zechariah and Elizabeth, Mary and Joseph
bravely walk to the tune of love
embracing your gifts, deciding to go with trust,
I too must do the same this season and life journey.
Darkness calms my busyness,
dances around my false dreams
calls me to listen, to listen deeply
to you, O God, you with us.

Advent your gifts are
rich and interesting characters
and inviting winter darkness,
reminding me I am not alone,
telling me to raise up my head
for new light is dawning
and I too have my part
in preparing the way.

Come O Come Emmanuel be born in us again.



– inspired by the darkness to dawn of a winter morning prayer time,
and the readings of the First Week of Advent.