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Advent Journey

Advent Journey

We trudge along,
the daily grind
keeping us locked in
to the ways the world wants.

The seasons change,
the days grow short,
the nights linger on,
we stumble through.

A small light appears
then another shines
soon another appears
the path is not so dark.

The path has a name,
it is Advent,
we enter in
embracing light by light.

Embracing this light
requires waiting and patience
to kindle it more;
enflaming it within.

Advent light:
the armor I put on
strengthening me;
calming my soul.

Awakening me more
to the brilliance of
the Light of Lights
desiring to be born in me.

The journey need not be
a trudge; an aimless way,
rather purposeful steps
must be my way.

Step by step,
with light in hand,
hope builds at my core
on this way I must go.

The invitation comes each year
it is mine to choose
how will I walk
this Advent path?

With works of darkness
or by wearing light?
With greedy hoarding
or free generosity?

With endless tasks
or expectant hope?
With swords and shields
or determined plowshares?

With proud self-will
or a humble trust?
With worldly ways
or “God’s will be done?”

The sacred journey
climbing each day,
God ahead of us,
God behind us and with us.

A step ahead,
light in hand,
rejoicing for the coming kingdom:
O Come O Come Emmanuel!

Welcome Advent Time!
“Come let us walk in the light of the Lord.”


-inspired by the “Growing in Hope” Advent Retreat
at Mount St. Francis Retreat Centre
and Isaiah 2:1-5