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Assisi: Delighting in God

Assisi: Delighting in God


It has been a month since my pilgrimage and retreat in Assisi came to a close. I continue to reflect on those days: the gifts which came with the time away, the insights that awakened me to goodness and the ponderings which continue to stir my heart.

As we see the bounty of the earth unfolding this summer time, as we take in grand views from summer car rides, as we gather with neighbours and friends and families may we be reminded of our God with us.

I offer to you this reflection which I wrote one morning looking over Assisi and the Rieti Valley. I tried to capture the closeness of our God in this simple moment. May it remind you of how close our God is to us, in both the grand and simplest of moments.

Bells chime their tune,
the breeze gently swirls
the sun is rising,
the day is beginning.

My heart declares:
I delight in you, O God,
and God you delight in me.

You gaze at me.
I gaze at you.

Love beyond telling.
Love never fully captured.

Goodness and mercy shall follow me.
Goodness and mercy are your gifts.

My God and My All
I live and move and breath in You.

Birds sing their song,
the breeze gently settles
the sun is setting,
the day is ending.

My heart declares:
I delight in you, O God,
and God you delight in me.

Continued Summer Blessings.

What are your moments of delighting God
and God delighting in you?