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Christmas: Resting With the Christ Child

Christmas: Resting With the Christ Child

One of my most favorite things to do over the Christmas Season is to sit in front of the Christmas Tree and Crèche. I keep the light slow and I simply gaze, reflect and ponder. I let my imagination sometimes transport me to a different time and place and at other times I simply write and say prayers.
Below is a reflection I wrote several years ago. I came across it just a few days ago and offer it as my Christmas reflection.

This Holy Season of Christmas is always so amazing. It can consume us, challenge us, engage us, enrage us, fill us with hope and joy, fill us with awe and leaving us wanting more. Over the past few days as I have sat in front of our Christmas Tree and Crèche plenty has crossed my mind. The days seem to slip away so quickly and I am left again to consider what was and what will be. How have I celebrated and how do I hold on to these precious moments of the past year?

The gift of the Christ Child is the answer to all our worries and wonderings. The Christ Child is what fills this season and all the days of the year and calls us to ponder and seek. The Christ Child will forever hold
memories, desires, worries, hurts and treasured moments that are recalled each year. The Christ Child calls to us and we can choose to be transformed into a place where his love and joy is born deep within. We in turn are called to share this goodness in a hope-filled way in our time and place.

The Christ Child calls to us saying “Trust.” He calls to us saying “Hope.” He calls to us saying “Give.” He calls to us saying “Joyfully.” The Christ Child calls to us saying “remember… God is with you. I am here… now.” He calls to us saying “I love you.” The Christ Child, the Babe in the Manger calls to us. We are truly blessed. We must draw near.

The message of this Holy Child will fill us each day of the year ahead. May we be open to his gifts pouring into our lives so we may radiate him through the gifts of who we are and our lives.

Have we spent any time resting with the Christ Child?

What precious moments of 2018 take hold of our hearts?

What are our ponderings and dreams for 2019?

Is the Christ Child there with us?

In closing off for this year I share with you a brief moment from my day.
This morning (Christmas Eve) I received a note in the mail from a six year old friend of mine… and as I opened it I smiled… his one word statement made me say…“Yes, Amen!” This one word prayer simply stirred in me and I think serves as a reminder for all of us as to why we celebrate at Christmas, God’s gift to us and the promise we are given each day to live. May we never forget this promise, this prayer and the gift of love planted in each of our hearts. May your Season be blessed with the riches of the true love given to us; the Child in a manger.

Christmas Blessings