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The Friendly Giant and Christ the King

The Friendly Giant and Christ the King



When I was a child one of my favorite television shows was The Friendly Giant. I loved how the Friendly Giant no matter how enormous he was always made time for those who were lesser than he. I loved how he arranged the chairs by the fire place, talked with guests, enjoyed a tune or two and always had solid advice and a compassionate way to deliver it. I always looked at the Friendly Giant as a king, probably because he lived in a castle. However I also remember thinking if I was ever king (because at that age I thought that it could be a possible career option – well maybe I thought that for a while) I would like to be like the Friendly Giant.

I have been thinking about The Friendly Giant this week as we celebrate Christ the King. I see the virtues, the characteristics, the life-giving qualities of our Lord and King Jesus in the simple images of this childhood show. I wonder how often I forget that being a kingdom dweller in the reign of Christ the King means I need to arrange the chairs to be a place of welcome, spend time to listen to others stories of the sick and imprisoned, sing a song of praise to our God, and share the gospel through living it with compassion and not mere words. Yes, where do I build the kingdom of my King? Where do I give food to the hungry, drink to the thirsty, welcome the stranger, cloth the naked, visit the sick or the imprisoned? For the least of these are very much a part of the kingdom of God – it really is quite simple and yet I find excuses, reasons, ways not to live the gospel of Christ my King and to heed the simple wisdom I found in the Friendly Giant.








Christ my King,
for the times I fail to build your Kingdom.
Lord have mercy.

Christ my King
for the times I forget about my brothers and sisters.
Christ have mercy.

Christ my King
for the times I miss seeing you in my every day.
Lord have mercy.


The challenge and gift of Christ the King is to build the kingdom for all to be welcome. Where can you and I do just that this week no matter if we are a giant or the least among us?


Christ the King where do reign?
In my heart yes I know
which is the call for me to show
your love to our hurting world.

Christ the King where do reign?
In our world I know it’s true
when each of us does right by you
we build the kingdom piece by piece.

Christ the King where do reign?
In the mighty and the strong
when they rise up like the dawn
to help the lowly and the least.

Christ the King where do reign?
In the lowly and the poor
who don’t have any more
but their generous and hopeful trust.

Christ the King where do you reign?
Here, there and every where
for your love and mercy can always bear
when God’s children fail to build your kingdom here.

Christ the King where do you reign?
I know where, I know it’s true
please help me see what there is to do
and the courage and strength to build with you.