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God’s Image?

God’s Image?


Created in the image of God.

This phrase is something that has been on my mind a lot lately and one that I must spend time with over the summer. It is one that invokes positive images, depth and hope and also challenges me and pushes me not to leave it only as a nice positive statement but live out of its truth.

In the book of wisdom we read “God created all things so that they might exist; the generative forces of the world are wholesome” (Wisdom 1.13-15). We are created good and this goodness calls us to life, to share life and to build up the lives of others. It calls us beyond the ups and downs that are the journey for we are more than the journey, we belong to God and God dwells with us.

As we journey into July and August days take the time to ponder the gift of being created in the image of God and take in the fullness of life all around us that God created. It is a generative force of life and love faith and hope; and we all know we need more of this in our world. These summer days are a gift from God, regardless if we are studying, working, on vacation, moving, starting again, getting married, having a baby, beginning a new job, working at getting back to Church, hosting friends, camping in a tent or whatever summer may hold in store we must make the time to connect with our God. God who made us in God’s image – which we know is love and good.

I’ve been challenged to spend time with Psalm 139 this summer (a familiar and favorite psalm of mine). 

I leave you with the same challenge.

What does it say to us about being created in God’s image?

What does it say to us about being created good and as a generative force?

What does it say to us about being created as holy?

What does it say to us about our families, community and creation?


May your summer paths lead to great insights, deeper awareness and the beautiful gift of knowing our God is walking with us always.


Peace and All Good.


Please note blog posts throughout the summer will be less frequent, regular weekly posts will begin again September.