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#LaudatoSi5 – Everything is Connected

#LaudatoSi5  – Everything is Connected

My post for the weekend spoke about being in the garden, preparing for planting this week. It also spoke about relationship. We often fail to remember our relationship with creation and Mother Earth. This week (May 16-24) is Laudato Si’ Week. It was five years go this week that Pope Francis released his encyclical on the care for our common home. This week is being celebrated in many ways with prayers, online webinars and individuals taking actions they can during this time of pandemic. In fact, this pandemic has hopefully heightened our awareness of relationship and how we are connected to creation.

Being reminded about the value of Laudato Si’ prompted me again to consider the value of relationships with each other and all creation. With my weekend post being about gardening and relationship I started thinking about what I could do for this Laudato Si’ Week. Besides planting a garden, being aware of my use of items and recycling, to mark Laudato Si’ Week I will post a poem/prayer or reflection each day this week focused on God’s creation. Let us together as brothers and sisters continue to care for each other and all of creation – this is our common home! It’s the only we one we have! #LaudatoSi5

Everything Is Connected

Our common home
we are all connected
each of us and all of creation
sister and brother.

We are broken
there is hurting within us
yearning for justice
all people are one.

Our sister Mother Earth
one of us, yet forgotten
in need of deep care
we are united with her.

Pandemics and wars,
destruction and greed
shakes our core truth
that we are created in love.

How do we see each other?
What is our footprint upon earth?
Are we blinded?
Do we see light?

We may feel trapped.
Uncertainty may paralyze us.
Fear may grasp us.
We must rise above.

We are interwoven
creation and humanity.
Do we see our value?
Together we are one.

The breath of the Spirit
present here and now
blowing through all
awakening us.

Breathe in deeply.
Be aware.
Rise up.
What we do matters.

We are family.
Together we are stronger.
Let us do justice, love kindness,
and walk humbly with our God. (Micah 6.8) 

May 17, 2020