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Lent: The Season of Love – The Little Things

Lent: The Season of Love – The Little Things


Here we are at the half way point of the Lenten Season of Love. How are we doing? How has the journey been so far? How are our Lenten goals and plans coming together? How are we doing with our relationships? How are we doing at being ambassadors? That is a lot of questions to ponder.

Lent is not necessarily easy, we all know that. I wonder how often we fail to see the little things that make the season of Lent, truly a Season of Love. It has to be more than giving things up, or doing something extra, it has to be in the ordinary, in the little things that this season transforms us and calls us to life and to love. For it is the little things that will continue past this season and leads us into all the seasons of our life. The little things, the everyday things this is what calls to us in this season. Where in the ordinariness of our lives does the season take hold and shape us into an Easter people? I truly believe it is in the little things.

Some examples from this past week, with what it “cost” each scenario.

A young dad spent the evening at home with his young daughters so his wife could go out with her mom. It cost precious moments with his daughters.

A young man commented on his supportive wife and realized how much she supports him when he doubts, he realized more deeply that he needs to acknowledge that support. It cost simple appreciation.

A brother patiently without saying anything picks up after another brother who seems not to be able to do so for himself. It cost true fraternity.

A colleague sends a text asking for prayers for a dire situation. It cost nothing more than a name added to prayer.

An uncle sends a letter to a niece, nothing extraordinary just a letter saying she is loved. It cost a moment and a stamp.

A young professional is grabbing her groceries after work, and adds a few extra items for the food bank. It cost kindness and a whole $10 from the paycheck.

An aunt sends a message to a nephew reminding him of the good work he has done. It cost a memory and moment to share.

A neighbour clears snow after a late winter snow fall. It cost exercise and fresh air.

A classmate listens to another classmate as she expresses worries about some final projects. It cost a listening ear and support.

A friend stays after an event is over and helps with clean up. It cost a few extra moments with a friend.


A grandchild phones a grandparent. It cost a filled up heart.

You see it is the little things, not the extravagant or costly. The above examples cost a whopping $10.90 and time. A huh… there it is… the key element to little things, ordinary things, daily things transformed into a season and a lifetime of love is time. God has all the time in the world for us.

How do we tap into that time, which truly is love expressed? How will we spend our time this week of Lent?

It is the little things… we are created for this and strengthened by the mercy and love of our God. God so loved the world he gave his only Son, which is a lot. God is not asking that of us, yet God is asking us to share in work of the cross.

How can we carry it this week (removed burden from the image of carrying it)? Can we spare a few moments of our time this week?

Let’s not let the little things slip by leaving us hoping that we could start Lent over again, instead let us embrace the little moments that build each day.

God, who is rich in mercy, out of the great love with which he loved us even when we were dead through our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ—by grace you have been saved… For we are what he has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand to be our way of life.
– Ephesians 2.4, 10