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Litany of St. Joseph for Father’s Day

Litany of St. Joseph for Father’s Day

On this Father’s Day, let us be mindful of St. Joseph the patron saint of fathers along with so many other areas and causes in life. Let us be mindful of his trust in God, his faithful witness to love, his awareness of God’s divine plan for love and how he witnessed to respect and honour. St. Joseph pray for all fathers, grandfathers and those who are like fathers in our world today. St. Joseph pray for all of us that we too may trust with abandon, witness to love and be bearers of good news.


St. Joseph,
faithful guardian of Christ,
we ask your prayers for all guardians:
for guardians of our families and communities,
for guardians of our stories and languages,
for guardians of countries and peoples.

We also ask your prayers for those who have no faithful guardian:
for children without parents,
for children separated from their parents,
for children who long for a faithful guardian.

St. Joseph,
model of workers,
we ask your prayers for all workers:
for workers working two jobs to make ends meet,
for workers going above and beyond,
for workers seeking work and those struggling with their job.

St. Joseph,
example to parents,
we ask your prayers for all parents:
for parents who parent in amazing ways,
for parents who struggle to be a parent,
for parents who feel caught in between.

We also ask your prayers for those who don’t know their parents:
for foster children who feel isolated,
for children abandoned by their parents,
for children who live in homes where they are not seen by their parents.

St. Joseph,
pillar of family life,
we ask your prayers for families:
for families hurting and broken,
for families united and strong,
for families yearning for life.

St. Joseph,
hope of the sick,
we ask your prayers for all those who are sick:
for the sick who are alone,
for the sick trapped in terror,
for the sick waiting for diagnosis.

We also pray for those who offer hope to the sick:
for hope-bearers who are nurses, care aides and doctors,
for hope-bearers who work in research and community development,
for hope-bearers who are simply present to hold a hand and listen.

St. Joseph,
patron of the dying,
we ask your prayers for all those who will die this day:
for the dying who are at peace,
for the dying who are afraid,
for the dying who seek God.

St. Joseph,
foster father of the Son of God,
we ask your prayer for all fathers:
for fathers who love freely,
for fathers who are guarded,
for fathers who struggle with this role.

We also ask your prayers for all who are like fathers:
for the uncle and grandfather who takes us under his wings,
for the teacher and coach who guides us to deeper truths,
for the community member who encourages our gifts.

St. Joseph,
patron of Canada,
we ask your prayers for our nation:
for respect and dignity of all people to be upheld,
for inspired ways to tear down walls and build community,
for creativity in the ways we care for this land we call home.

Good St. Joseph,
you are our patron and guide,
we ask you to bring our prayers to the heart of God,
the very God who trusted you with his only Son
as you cradled in him in your hands,
showed him how to create,
and taught him how to listen.
We trust that you companion with us this life journey.
We ask these prayers in the name of the one
who you were guardian for here on earth,
Jesus Christ our Lord.

Father’s Day Blessings to All Dads!



Photo: St. Joseph and Child Jesus – Mount St. Francis Retreat Centre, Cochrane, AB
Artists: John C. Nugent and Al Gerritsen