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One Small Step

One Small Step


As you are aware one small step was made last week for the Franciscans in Canada as we became a united OFM Franciscan Province in Canada. This small step means changes to our leadership and how we will go forth as Franciscans in Canada. I’ve been pondering this event over the past week and come back to the word ‘hopeful’ which is what I signed off with before the Chapter.

I continue to be hopeful because:
– our new Provincial and his council have embraced their task of leadership and have begun to work towards new realities.

– our Chapter was full of life, fraternal sharing, vision and the challenge to begin again; not simply carry on.

– each of us Friars were encouraged to truly live out our vocation and preach the gospel with our lives.

– our times of prayer and our social times fostered a great joy.- our discussions were spirit filled and passionate.

– we had the chance to listen to each other and get to know each other a bit more.

– the support we have received from friends, family, neighbours, benefactors and other religious communities continues to be a gift.

– our brotherhood became evident and the joy in which we share.

– we were encouraged to not be afraid and to make choices to strengthen our witness of gospel living an dour witness in our great country.

– we were challenged to not forget the poor and outcasts; to look at and challenge our living and ministry.

– we were called to reflect on our reality as a small Franciscan Province in a large country and to remember that we are still called to do great things.

– we were awakened time and again to the working of the Holy Spirit and reminded to continually bring our needs and concerns to the Holy Spirit and ask for guidance and inspiration.

– of the generosity and kindness of so many.

– of openness, willingness and the opportunities that await for us as we continue to, “Go Rebuild the Church.”

– this Chapter was indeed a time of grace.


Thank you for your prayers and support,                                                                                                              we continue to rely on these for our mission to be strengthened.



Come Holy Spirit,
awaken us,
move in us,
light the way to new paths,
inspire us in all we do,
strengthen our fraternity,
guide our new Franciscan Province.