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Psalm of Praise

Psalm of Praise



Blessed are you, O God,
Creator, Artist, Inspiration
you weave together all of life
telling the story of your great love.

From prairie vistas and large skies
to mountain tops and forest paths,
from creeks flowing and oceans roaring
to wheat fields and a single flower,
you constantly display
your goodness,
and joy.

Your love flows like a waterfall,
it is as strong as the boulders,
as delicate as a lady bug’s wing.

Your love is made known
in creative ways not just once in time
rather over and over again
you infuse your love
in creation,
in humanity,
in me.

Your love is painted in every sunset,
stitched into each pinecone,
carved into each shell.

Your love awakens us to new life
stirs us in our ideas
speaks to us of hope.

From the birds of the air
to the fish of the seas,
from the dog at my side
to the giraffe on the Sahara,
from the polar bear of white
to the gecko color changing,
you show forth your creative ways
which inspires us to the same.

Blessed are you, O God.




Photo Credit: Benjamin Davies