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Son of God

Son of God


The gospel for the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time this year ends with the testimony from John the Baptist, “This is the Son of God” (John 1.29-34).

The Son of God is a high title for Jesus and has much theological history to it. It has roots in the Old Testament and it is connected to the baptism of Jesus. The voice from heaven declaring, “this is my Son, the Beloved” (Matthew 3.17) gives roots to this title for Jesus. Son of God is not just a theological point in the life of Jesus, it is way for us to see in him our journey and desires to be children of God.

This week as I read and reflected on the gospel those three words just stood out for me. Son of God. They echoed in my ears and have been reflection in my eyes. The Son of God – Jesus – where do I hear his voice, where do I see him in my daily living, who is he to me and for me?


Son of God
our brother, our savior, our way
present in our living, in our prayers, in our hearts
gift given, freedom, depth of relationship.

Son of God,
you are always so near to me,
you are here with me,
you are one of us,
drawing all people and creation
into the love which you know and offer,
you are a reflection of God;
making God known to me and all people.

Son of God, you knowing my journey
seeing my ups and downs
and being present in them.

You are gift,
you are life,
you with us…
thank you raises up in each breath.

I desire to dwell in you and with you.
I desire to know you more
and to celebrate you and your love present.

I desire that my life
be a reflection of all you are:
Son of God,
you here with me.