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The Wedding of Cana

The Wedding of Cana


Family and friends gathered around

The newly weds now as one bound.

Rejoicing, celebrating no need to be down

Looking back, looking ahead with love found.


Enjoying the music, the laughter, the feast

Delicious goods for there was enough yeast

Toasts are made as glass fill did increase

Now it seems the wine has become the least.


Mother Mary does not want to see shame

She knows the sting of fingers pointing in blame

She knows her son’s call and why he came

Beginning here, ensuring this wedding is not lame.


“Son, they need you, please give them a hand!”

“Not now, not here, this is not what is planned!”

“Do what he tells you!” she says with gentle demand.

He says “Fill these here vessels made from the land.”


The jugs were filled to very tip top

Being sure not to waste one water drop.

“Give taste to the one in charge, so there is stop!”

Oh, the steward’s eyes they did indeed pop.


This wine beyond taste, the very best

More was served to every guest

The bride and groom relieved and blessed

Not even this could God’s generosity test.


I wonder if we can with new eyes see

The message here for you and for me?

Jesus came to show God’s mercy degree

To live as servant, to let God’s love be.


A miracle, yes, it’s true they saw,

A fulfilling of Christ’s heavenly call

A reminder our wintery hearts must thaw

Love is for each, for one and for all.


God’s love is generous and always flowing

Good wine is one way of this we are knowing.

Are we generous with how our love is showing?

We must be as we share in the kingdom growing!


Based on John 2.1-12