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To Be Called Brother

To Be Called Brother



I am often asked what it means to be a Franciscan Brother. As I reflected on my first year since my Solemn Profession and look ahead to another year the following reflection surfaced. I tried to capture the aspects of my life which are key to who I am as a human, as a Christian and how my vows guide my daily living as a Brother; even when I am unaware.


To Be Called Brother

Called to be
Called to serve
Called to fullness
as a brother.

Called to poverty
Called to chastity
Called to obedience
as a brother.

Called to joy
Called to generosity
Called to fraternity
as a brother.

Called to prayer
Called to wash feet
Called to community
as a brother.

Called to rejoice
Called to ponder
Called to hope always
as a brother.

Called to stillness
Called to listen
Called to presence
as a brother.

Called to trust
Called to friendship
Called to gratitude
as a brother.

Called to awareness
Called to depth
Called to freshness
as a brother.

Called to love
Called to witness
Called to holiness
as a brother.

Called to celebrate
Called to worship
Called to life
as a brother.

Called to be generative
Called to the gospel
Called with Saint Francis
as a brother.

Called a brother
Called by name
by our God.

In being called I realize the value of my baptismal calling and how it is the gift which is at the core of my vocation as a Religious Brother. Through the struggles and challenges and trials I am still called. How I respond in those times speak to how I desire to live out my call. How I respond in times of gratitude and joy should also be a reflection of the good news. I can assure you it is an ever evolving and life-long progression.

As the refrain of the song Anthem sings: “We are called, we are chosen. We are Christ for one another. We are promised to tomorrow, while we are for him today.” If in my calling as a Religious Brother I can be a witness of and for Christ then hopefully I am holding true to the promise that Christ is with us now. I am also reminded of our eternal home being made known in small ways here and now. This is what I’m learning it means in being a Religious Brother.

How are you called? How are you chosen? How do others encounter Christ through you?


Blessings on you and your families as we begin a new month this week.



Artwork by: Yevgenia Petrenko, ofs – Ukraine