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“Christ present in a brown habit and sandals”

“Christ present in a brown habit and sandals”

The Franciscans have a rich history in western Canada serving in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba in various parishes, schools, and retreat centres. Featured below is a pamphlet from our Archives that was created  to promote vocations and inquiries into the Franciscan way of life.

FRANCISCANS SERVE PEOPLE as missionaries, preachers, teachers, parish priests, youth directors, Third Order directors, marriage counsellors, chaplains, men of prayer…

The work you do as a Franciscan priest may vary. You will perhaps work with young people, or preach retreats, or teach, or go to the mission fields. Be what it may, at all times you will be striving to become what you are: Christ present in a brown habit and sandals. With Francis you will pray frequently, “Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace.

Today, the Franciscans still serve as teachers and professors, parish priests, retreat directors, chaplains, and much more! If you are interested to Come and See the life of the Franciscans on Feb 20-23, 2020, we welcome you to get in touch with Brother Carlos Ona, OFM, with any questions or to register. Br. Carlos can be reached by phone at 780-476-2338 or by email at carlos_ona.ofm08@yahoo.ca