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Dedication of St. Michael’s

Dedication of St. Michael’s

On August 4, 1963, the Franciscans welcomed over 6,000 guests to the dedication and opening of the newly constructed St. Michael’s Retreat House near Lumsden, Saskatchewan. This retreat house was the first of its kind in Saskatchewan and was operated by the Franciscans until 2015.


Left: St. Michael’s Retreat Coat of Arms. Combines the flaming sword and outspread wings, symbolic of St. Michael the Archangel, with the Franciscan symbols of the Tau cross and the wounded hand of Christ and the hand of St. Francis.

Right: St. Michael’s Retreat House facilities. The design concept was to create a religious landmark featuring a circular tower with surrounding buildings that could house up to 60 retreatants at one time.


First Franciscan retreat team and Franciscan Sisters of St. Elizabeth