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January in 1954

January in 1954


Our archives contains records from Regina Cleri Major Seminary in Saskatchewan, which was founded in 1932. In addition to administrative and student records, there are also photographs, scrapbooks, and correspondence.

Here is an excerpt from the Seminary chronicles, recording what the students were up to this week 67 years ago!

Jan 10, 1954. Who coaxed the “pooch” home from the Cathedral this morning? It took such a liking to Bernie, they must have been old friends. Frank K, Don, Bill and Jack walk to the Cathedral for a little skating in preparation for the real beginning tomorrow.

Jan 11, 1954. Camera found. Lee, Jean and Frank T brave the freezing weather to watch and snap pictures of the first skating party at Central Park. Ed, Frank K, Bernie, Fred F, and Father Frey started and then were joined by Bill and Jack Shaw. Don and Tom arrived for a brief look. Christmas decorations start coming down today to end the season and get us in the mood for the exams which start Wednesday, beginning with Scripture.

Jan 12, 1953. Exam days are really approaching – today the horarium for exams was posted. Hockey sticks make their first appearance and trying to handle one makes Ed take a tumble on the ice… For the first time in several weeks, the laughter started in compline tonight. It all began when Jean did not begin the Antiphon for the “Nunc Dimittis.” After a short pause, Bernie meekly intoned “Salva nos” and it took to the end of compline for all to quiet down, even Tom up in front. But it did not really hinder the office so maybe we were forgiven. I hope!

Jan 13, 1954. More skating today with the first accident, viz. Joe and Tom collide with the fence and are a bit sore but should come out all right. The Christmas decorations are coming down just as fast as they went up. We have been at them for five days now and three more should finish the job. Jean begins the Antiphon for the Psalms early tonight in compline and Herman answers with the beginning of the office and so all gets straightened out.