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July archives snapshot

July archives snapshot


Every month, we share a photo from our archives!

On July 27, 1938, fire broke out at the Canadian Pacific Railway’s Pier D, at the foot of Granville Street in Vancouver. This photo below was taken by one of the friars in Vancouver at the time, and the event was notable enough to be included in the friary’s chronicles:

July 27, Wednesday.

Cooler, but hot enough. Fr. Superior worked all morning with the ladies in the Monastery garden putting up tables and booths for the party in the afternoon. Very Rev. Fr. Provincial had given permission to open the garden once a year for a garden party. The garden party lasted from 2 to 7. There were all sorts of amusements besides tea and candies and ice cream.

At 1:15 p.m. the C.P.R. Pier D burned down in a tremendous fire and drew a bigger crowd than our garden party…