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Prairie churches

Prairie churches

The Franciscans of Canada Archives is full of fascinating and fun records. One such record is a scrapbook that contains photographs of church buildings across Saskatchewan taken in the 1910s. It is likely that the photographs were not taken by a friar but was collected into a scrapbook by a friar.

A good amount of time has been dedicated  to identifying these churches, but there are still a number of photos that haven’t been identified. Enjoy a few photos from this collection and contact the Archives if you have more information about any of the church buildings!

Churches in Jasmin and Wroxton

Left: Church in Jasmin, SK, 1912.
Right: Ukrainian Catholic Church in Wroxton, SK, 1910s.

Churches in Plain View and Goodeve.

Left: Church in Plain View, SK, 1912.
Right: Church in Goodeve, SK, 1910s.

Churches in Dobrowody and Goodeve

Left: Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic church in Dobrowody, SK, Jun 1912
Right: St. Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church in Goodeve, SK, 1912.

Churches in Model Farm and Beaverdale

Left: Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic church in Model Farm, SK, 1910s. First church building constructed in 1909 and dismantled in 1933.
Right: Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic church in Beaverdale, SK, 1912. First church building constructed in 1907.

Church in Hubbard and Wishart.

Left: Church of the Holy Spirit in Hubbard, SK, 1910s.
Right: Our Lady of Perpetual Help church in Wishart, SK, 1910s.