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School memories

School memories

As this school year comes to a close, we congratulate all the graduating students! And we would like to share some school memories from St. Anthony’s College in Edmonton.


St. Anthony’s College and St. Francis friary and parish church, ca. 1955

In 1925 with the blessing of Archbishop O’Leary, the Franciscans approved the foundation of a seraphic college with the aim of preparing young men for priesthood in the Order. Located in Edmonton at 129 Avenue and 68 Street, St. Anthony’s College opened its doors to its first seven students in September of that year.  

Students were enrolled in a five-year course of study–today’s equivalent of Grades 9 to 12–with an additional year of “Rhetoric.” There were also numerous extracurricular activities for students to participate in such as drama, music and organized sports.

Left: Student band, 1930s
Right: Cast of “Gold Altar” by St. Anthony’s Drama Club, 1953

Left: Senior Baseball team, 1929-1930
Right: Fr. Alphonse Claude-Laboissiere, Br. Joseph Rheaume, and students preparing to leave for camping trip, 1931

Left: Outdoor skating rink, 1930s
Right: Hockey players, 1926-1927