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A light in the distance on Blessed Frédéric

A light in the distance on Blessed Frédéric

I’m responding to another question from a web user.

“I will believe in your Father Frédéric once you show me that he really is able to help me. If he grants me a favour, I’ll agree to pray to him (…) and I’ll make a pilgrimage to Bethlehem and the land of Jesus…”

7-blog-ofm-sept-marche-02Reading and sharing
You remind me of someone who, before jumping into a lake or a swimming pool, requires a host of experienced swimmers or certified lifeguards to be there. (…) You use the language of a manipulator and an opportunist, but your question, with its “If,” is already a big step forward. There is a light in the distance. Try starting out by going within, by reading the Gospel and joining a Scripture sharing group. You will feel your heart begin to warm up.

Roland Bonenfant, OFM