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Advent 4: Promises & Hope

“the child in my womb leaped for joy.”

  • Luke 1:39-45

Two moms-to-be
embrace full of hope and promise
life itself stirs within them
their hearts are lifted in praise.

Great joy in their meeting
great joy surrounds the child of the wombs
great joy floods their souls
great joy overflows in their hearts.

We too are bearers of light and joy
called ‘beloved, redeemed and precious’
hope stirs within each of us
for we have been restored and saved.

Openness and trust led to their ‘yes’
openness and trust beckons our response
openness and trust to do God’s will
openness and trust to carry Christ.

We ask, “What is our part? Where is our heart at?
Can praise fill us even in the struggles?
Can we lift our hearts in hope and joy?”
The answer is in the encounters of promise and hope.

Two moms-to-be meet and rejoice
two friends meet and celebrate
two strangers meet and break new ground
two adversaries meet and the desire for peace blossoms.

The days grow short
the time draws near
we who are little have a role too
to do God’s will for it calls us to life.

Blessed are we because of hope.
Blessed are we because of the promise.
Blessed are we because God is our peace.
Blessed are we because God leaps for joy over us.

Advent days have slipped away. As we look back over the Advent journey let us consider how light has penetrated our darkness, how the seed has broken open and has begun to grow, how we have carried Christ to this moment of birthing.
May peace – who is Christ – fill us as we magnify the Lord who has done great things for us, for indeed our God is with us – always.

Week 4 Advent Goals:

Listen to songs that cause your heart to rejoice and praise God. Sing!

Greet those you will meet over the next holy days with the “joy-leaping’ presence of Christ that each person holds.

Advent Blessings!