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And the Lord Gave Me Brothers

And the Lord Gave Me Brothers

All summer long people were asking me why my blog was so out of date. Well, frankly, I was busy! I engaged in and completed the three month Clinical Pastoral Education program at the University of Alberta Hospital. This, for me, was a nice segue from theological studies to my next career as blogger. Do not be afraid, that was a joke. All will learn of my upcoming (and real) adventures in future blogs.

Even though there is much to tell, I would, for now, like to put aside the storied months of May, June, and July, to focus on recent history. Last weekend my good friends and brothers Daniel Gurnick and Armand Mercier made their Solemn Profession as Friars Minor (and to the western Canadian Church, God, and world) -I must throw that in there, as we are proudly a western Canadian province. The profession, as an event, was noticeably priding for friars and friends, and no doubt the families of Armand and Dan. For myself, and a number of my confreres, it capped off an inspiring retreat by our American brother Roch Niemeyer. Throughout the week, Niemeyer spoke of God, above all else, as St. Francis’s inspiration to live the gospel in humility, poverty and with love. Deep within Francis was a desire for solidarity with creation. Desire, explains Niemeyer, comes from the heart –the dwelling place of faith.

As Franciscans we are often referred to as a montly crew. No two friars are the same; no two friaries are the same. What brings us together is our shared desire to live the gospel as brothers. This life is not about fronts or practices, it is about faith. So, with this in mind I would like to share with you some photos from recent history. If you are interested in liturgical symbols (which are all good and wonderful), check out the webpage: franciscanfriars.ca. In this particular collection I have reserved space only for photos of friars celebrating, even priding in, their brotherhood.

A common desire connects us all. May a community of peace and joy be the fruit of the faith we share.

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