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Father Frédéric, active in the spiritual life today

Father Frédéric, active in the spiritual life today

The events in honour of Father Frédéric began with a series of eucharistic celebrations at Notre-Dame-du-Cap Shrine, with the theme “A door-to-door Pilgrim.” A sign that Blessed Frédéric lives on and still visits us in spiritual ways…


Father Guylain Prince made sure that there would be unity among these celebrations of the Father Frédéric Pre-festival, held at the beginning of August, by preaching at all the Masses. Around 15 liturgical assemblies heard about Father Frédéric, the centre of this celebration, a great missionary and “door-to door walker.” (…)


The crowds came to venerate the reliquary of Blessed Frédéric, to be filled with the faith witness of this Franciscan brother and walker who, guided by the Word of God, came from Jerusalem to the diocese of Québec. (…) For five years, the feasts of Blessed Frédéric have grown, especially through extending the events over the two weekends of the Pre-festival and the addition in 2016 of the holy mountain of St-Élie-de-Caxton.


Roland Bonenfant, OFM