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Father Frederic: “People still remember”

Father Frederic: “People still remember”

Hymn for the centenary of Father Frédéric, created by Guylain Prince, OFM, directed by Gino Fillion. Words and sheet music are available at www.perefrederic.ca under Outils d’animation et de prière.

People Still Remember

1. People still remember in the north of France

A small, frail man whose gaze was as clear as the sky

He visited cities, towns and the countryside

To give rather than receive, to serve rather than sell

2. People still remember this man with a sense of pride

Who turned up at the door of the convent one day

Here and elsewhere, people don’t believe, but they hope

That God will surprise us as they heard he used to do

People still remember his patient goodness

Which was able to convince us, but didn’t impose

How could we forget this man of the light?

Father Frédéric, whom they called good

Like the Father


3. People still remember in the Holy Land the brother

Who followed with all his heart the slightest trace of his Lord

Villages and hearts quietly break through the borders 

In a land of turmoil, he could calm the people’s fears

4. People still remember this man of prayer

In whom they recognized a person of holiness

When he would arrive, they would cry, “Heaven is wide open”

Walking with this pilgrim, God has come back to visit us.

5. People still remember how big the Little Father was

In France, in the Middle East, and in Canada.

For over a century, people entrusted to his prayer

Their sorrows, their suffering, their hopes and their joys