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Film Inspirations

On friday night I went to see a film at the Princess Theatre -I try to see everything the princess has to offer. As an independant distributer, they do not show American blockbusters; they show good films. The film I saw is a good film!

“One Week”, starring Joshua Jackson, is the story of a young Torontonian who has been diagnosed with Terminal Cancer. It just so happens that he is also engaged to be married. To this point in his life, “Ben” has been the type to do what he is told and believe what others say about him. Such is evident in his lack of confidence as a singer -thanks to a certain elementary school teacher. Upon diagnosis, however, Ben decides to detach himself from fiancee, family, and medical moorings and venture accross western Canada. Along the way he discovers freedom, beautty, joy, and his true self. Suddenly alive, the new Ben Tyler is a brave and hopefilled man of conviction who is rooted an authentic sense of self.

Upon reflection on my journey to here, I can identify with certain aspects of this story. Despite having never been diagnosed with anything fatal, I have deep seated longings for discovery. For some years, these lay suppressed by fear of unknowns and a cripling lack of self-confidence. Even today I am not so sure these fears and anxieties are fully overcome. For people like me, a film such as “One Week” can be inspiring. Leading us forward to engage new challenges, and exercise our individuality through healthy relationality. While I do believe it wise to listen to the advice of others, it is not helpful to wallow in insults that immobalize. Every human being has been blessed with gifts and talents, our task is to discover them and so make ourself a gift to the world. In closing I will quote my old mentor Jean Vanier: “God wants us to be free, not merely to do what everyone else wants and become slaves to society”. So, if inspired, put aside those Cineplex Odeon tickets and hit up the Princess Theatre (or your local independent movie distributer).