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Fr. Thaddée Matura: a rich and modest life

Fr. Thaddée Matura: a rich and modest life

Fr. Thaddée Matura, a very learned man, speaks more than seven languages. He has just published his 20th book and has done the equivalent of circling the world three times in his
travels. Although he is recognized by his peers and by other Catholic religious communities as an expert in the writings of Saint Francis, Fr. Matura, who is 94, remains accessible. If he is modest, it is perhaps because he wants to give all the glory to God and his model servant, Saint Francis. Like Francis, Fr. Matura, who is originally from Poland, lived voluntary simplicity in its purest expression.

« I was 42 years old. This decision was providential.»

“That is the life I wanted, even though it was austere. I felt spiritually rich. I had known since I was 16 years old that I wanted to become a Franciscan, so I could fully live the Gospel. At the time, my confrères and I often wore the habit. We prayed day and night and often slept on the ground or on a straw pallet,” he says.

A providential decision

After his early years in Poland, and after teaching young Franciscans in Canada (Montréal), he moved to France, where he began writing books on Saint Francis of Assisi. “I was 42 years old. This decision was providential. I lived for a few years at Taizé, where I wrote my first three books. Then I lived in a small village in Provence, where I could experience a renewed Franciscan life, in prayer and fraternal communion,” he adds.