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Ordo Fratrum Minorum

Happy Easter, everybody. Christ is risen.

Happy Easter, everybody. Christ is risen.


The outstretched arms of Christ on the cross reach out to all the world, and only they can bring unity, through his death and resurrection. And we are invited to take part in it, for our own salvation and the salvation of all people of good will. Not the power of Pontius Pilate or the Emperor Tiberius prevailed, but the power of the cross, as the sign and means by which our lives are transformed.

So, rejoice, and celebrate that God is with us, and that nothing that is good will be lost.

There is not much more to say. I am off to Pender Island, to celebrate Easter Sunday with the good people there. And next week this time, I will be in Chicago, for the first meeting of the Society of Catholic Scientists. I very much look forward to it, and I will speak about “Science in the Light of the Christian View of the Human Person.” More about this next week! For now, let us rejoice about the light of Christ, a light shining brightly in the world, no matter the circumstances.