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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Easter is the greatest Christian Feast of the year. It’s a celebration of life, of Spring, of renewal, and of joy. Most of all, it’s the celebration of life’s definitive triumph over death. Although our hearts may be heavy in the wake of the destruction of Paris’ Notre-Dame Cathedral, may we not lose sight of the essential. Let’s join hands to build a society which fosters and respects life, particularly for the most vulnerable among us.

On Easter morning, the stone was rolled away from the entrance of the tomb, as Jesus had risen to new life. Can you think of your heart as a tomb awaiting a resurrection? Can you identify anything resembling a stone that’s holding you back from entering into the fullness of life? May the celebration of Easter be an invitation to welcome Christ into your life, and to let your heart be illumined by the light of faith.

As Pope Francis puts it so well: “We are called to be people of joyful hope, not doomsday prophets!” We are heirs to the joy of the resurrection of Jesus. We carry a flame of eternal life within us. Let’s go out there, to share it with the world!

Br. Pierre Charland, OFM

Provincial Minister

Franciscans of Canada