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Korean Fraternity gives 6000$ for Congo projects

Korean Fraternity gives 6000$ for Congo projects

The Korean Fraternity of St-Mary-of-the-Angels ( Secular Franciscan Order) hold a bazar at the Korean Parish in Montreal at the beginning of July 2016, in order to get some funds, for our missionary projects in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

On august 1st, they brought around $6050 to the director of the Mission Office, Richard Chartier, and Br. Andre Comtois, who accompanied the group, sincerely thanked the donators of this Fraternity for their generosity.

On the other side, the Franciscans Friars of the DRC Democratic were really touched by this act of solidarity and thanked in return the Korean members for their generosity.

This gift will be assigned directly to the Projects 19 (pursue the construction of the St. Donatus Health Center) and 20 (construction of a sewing workshop for young girls).

Richard Chartier, OFS