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Peace of Christ

Peace of Christ


The last few weeks have been very full and full of much goodness. Within this fullness there has been demands, pressures and my own expectations not to mention the responsibilities and gift of fraternity. In all of this fullness I have been pondering the unfolding journey and I have been reminded about the gift of peace our Risen Lord offers. The following two prayers come from reflecting on the gift of this peace. May we remember that it always offered to us.


always from You

sitting with You

penetrating my core.



a gift for me

an awareness of Your spirit

strengthening me.



released into freedom

greater than this world

aligning my living in You.


“Peace I leave you. My peace I give you.” (John 14.23-29)


Christ Jesus,

You know I have days of

chaos, uncertainty and frustrations

and you are in these moments with me.

The gift of your peace is wrapped up in your love

poured forth from your heart into my own heart.

Your peace is what produces joy

and walks hand in hand with hope which leads me to life.

For the gift of your peace I give you praise.



Lord you call me to be a

vessel of life

vessel of joy

vessel of peace.

You are my strength and my all.


Lord you call me to be a

path to life

path to justice

path to fraternity.

You are my strength and my all.


Lord you call me to

open my heart

open my hands

open my soul.

You are my strength and my all.


Lord you call me

to be one with you

to trust in your way

to let your light penetrate my all.

You are my strength and my all.