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The Body of Christ

The Body of Christ

This is the body of Jesus.
This is the blood of Jesus.

Since this is the body of Jesus,
there is no sickness in my body.

Since this is the blood of Jesus,
there is no weakness in me.

Since these are Christ’s eyes
there is no defect in my sight.

Since these are Christ’s lips and tongue,
there is no deceit in my speech.

Since these are Christ’s hands,
I delight in giving.

Since these are Christ’s feet,
I walk to do good.

Since this is Christ’s reflection,
there is clarity in my plans.

Since this is the conscious mind of Jesus,
my decisions are correct.

Since this is the subconscious mind of Jesus,
all my defects are healed.

Since this is the nature of Jesus,
I am led by the Spirit.