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Three Canadian Franciscans in Korea

Three Canadian Franciscan friars spent the first two weeks of November in South Korea, visiting with the Korean friars and getting to better know their culture. This visit will help prepare for the arrival of a young Korean friar who will come to Canada shortly, to contribute to our Franciscan life and share in our mission and ministry.

During their time in South Korea, friars Marc Le Goanvec (Minister Provincial), Georges Morin (who spent 25 years in Korea as a missionary) and Pierre Charland (Secretary for Formation and Studies), visited seven Franciscan fraternities, four education and health centres administered by the friars, as well as two communities of Franciscan Missionaries of Mary sisters.

They were touched by the involvement of the Korean Franciscans in various areas of evangelization ministry as well as in social and educational activities. This initiative of international outreach is part of the Province’s effort to establish missionary partnerships with Franciscans from different areas of the world.