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In this section, you will find links to various publications on Franciscan life, created by brothers of our Canadian Provinces. Whether it’s a journal article, a commentary or a guide to prayer, there are some real gems to discover.

Franciscan Footprints
(PDF Newsletter published twice a year)


Thaddée Matura, OFM
« Croire en Dieu pour croire en l’homme : l’appel de François d’Assise au monde entière »
(éditions franciscaines, 2016, ISBN: 978-2-850-20546-0).

Journal articles

Don MacDonald, OFM
“The Role of History in Exegesis and Dogmatics: Jesus Before Easter and the Risen Christ,”
Nouvelle revue théologique 125:1 (Jan.–Mars 2003).

“The Theological Formation of Seminarians According to Recent Roman Documents,”
Journal Communio 29 (Summer 2002).

Dave Norman, OFM
“Doubt and the Resurrection of Jesus,”
Theological Studies 69 (2008).

Joachim Ostermann, OFM
“The Science and Christianity Relationship as an Interreligious Dialogue”
Ecumenical Studies 43 (2008): 596–606.

Guide to prayer

Guylain Prince, OFM
« L’humble prière : À l’école des premiers chrétiens et de la tradition hésychaste »
(Médiaspaul, 2016). ISBN: 978-2-89760-077-8

Doctoral theses

Don MacDonald, OFM
“The Theological Thought of A. M. Ramsey.”

Dave Norman, OFM
“The Christian State of Life: The Fulfillment of the Commandment to Love through the State of the Cross in the Theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar”
(Pulaski: Franciscan, 1995) (available at Newman Theological College).