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Our international missions

Since 2012 (although the missions have existed for over 30 years), the Saint Joseph Province of Eastern Canada has contributed nearly $265,000 to around 20 missionary projects, most of which have now been completed. The projects – including a sewing workshop, a local health centre, emergency assistance and the distribution of clothing and food – have been carried out in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Central African Republic, Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Madagascar, Peru, Vietnam and Ecuador.

Franciscains du Canada

The Franciscans of Western Canada, as part of the province of Christ the King, work with great zeal to spread the Gospel to their neighbour, whether in Canada or abroad. For many years, the province sent Bonaventure Dureau, OFM, to Peru (to the San Francisco convent, in Lima); he is now retired.

Oeuvres à l'étranger (Dalat)

Oeuvres à l’étranger (Dalat)