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Our missions in Canada

In Canada, Franciscans are the heirs of a long apostolic tradition. Evangelization is at the heart of their vocation and their identity. To meet the specific needs of different eras, the brothers founded and maintained pilgrimage sites, chaplaincies, parishes, schools, summer camps, etc.

Camp d'été au Québec

Camp d’été au Québec

The Saint Joseph Province of Eastern Canada offers a range of activities: the Frédéric Janssoone museum and chapel in Trois-Rivières, pilgrimage sites, a magazine (Missions des Franciscains), and various websites (Franciscans, Fr. Frédéric Janssoone, and Missions des Franciscains). In a broader approach, animators and brothers make sure that Franciscan youth remains vibrant, organizing several activities each year throughout Québec.

Rencontre de prière et de réflexion

Rencontre de prière et de réflexion

In the Canadian West, the Franciscans of the province of Christ the King have operated the Mount St. Francis Retreat Centre, in Cochrane, since it opened in 1949. A number of programs are offered there, to help participants to deepen their personal relationship with God. A group of Franciscan youth, led by laypeople, gathers twice a month. Brother Dan Gurnick offers them spiritual support. You can read about their activities on a website, in a newsletter (Franciscan Footprints) and in an annual publication on the Franciscan missions (Franciscan Missionary Union).