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Solemn Vows by Brother Michael Perras

Solemn Vows by Brother Michael Perras


When men began to follow St. Francis of Assisi he said, “and the Lord gave me brothers.” This statement has since been echoed throughout the history of the Franciscans. It may be made most evident at the celebration of Profession of Solemn Vows.

On August 23 the Holy Spirit Province Franciscans of Canada celebrated it’s first Profession of Solemn Vows as new Province. Friar Michael Perras, O.F.M. vows were received into the hands of Provincial Minister Friar Pierre Charland, O.F.M. at St. Mary’s Parish in Cochrane, Alberta.

The celebration, which took place during Mass, captured the gifts of fraternity, community and our baptismal call. With friars, family and friends gathered around, Friar Michael made his permanent commitment to the Franciscans as he professed the gospel way of life. Those present joined together in prayer, song and affirming Friar Michael in his vocation.

To God all praise and glory is due!