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A Litany for Today

A Litany for Today


For the still morning crisp air of fall

For the big blue sky which never ends

For overcast and foggy views

For sunshine breaking through the grey

                                God of Creation we thank you.


Where anger rises above reason

Where divisions continue to make a gap

Where individualism takes a stand

Where fear makes itself known

                                God of Peace show us right ways.


For leaders of countries and nations

For those who respond to crisis

For families living in chaos

For those who work for the good of all

                                God of Goodness guide and protect us.


Where communities rise up together

Where forgiveness becomes common ground

Where conversation leads to charity

Where respect builds bridges

                                God of Love be our strength.


For moments of quiet, of rest and of prayer

For safe places and places which become home

For bonds strengthened and affirming

For hope each day even when not seen clearly

                                God of Hope with us always.