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Advent 2: God’s Steadfast Love

Advent 2: God’s Steadfast Love



Show us your steadfast love, O Lord, grant us your salvation. – Psalm 85


Where is God’s love shown to us?

    I ponder this as we move into Advent Week 2. I know and believe that God’s love is shown forth to us each day in small ways and grand ways. From a kind word, to a sunrise, to an anonymous outreach of compassion, to the rhythm of prayer and so on these all speak of God’s steadfast love. For God’s everlasting, permanent love is infused in our lives regardless if we notice it or not. Being a child of God means that I am open to experiencing this love when my days are beautiful and smooth and when my days are broken and rough. God’s love penetrates my day and life, regardless of how I feel, where I am or what I am doing. Thank goodness for that for this is a taste of salvation; this opens me up to the kingdom of peace and justice. This is God’s goodness poured into my life even when I may be blinded to it. This is the peace that is offered to me when my heart is restless and also when it is in tune. This is the kingdom I belong to and yet yearn for and the one I am called to build.

    God’s steadfast love is just that constant and always. In this season of preparation, of joyful expectation, of hope – when our world fill us with demands and pressures, provides us with illusions and tells us “you need this or must give this” – this season of Advent reminds us that God’s love breaks through it all. Advent calls us back to the message of the gospels: “I am with you always!” because our God’s love is constant, true and steadfast. Advent call us to open our hearts to the redemption that is always ours; that was made known to us through a young woman’s willingness to say “yes” and then her child who laid in a manger.


God’s steadfast love
was present when the earth began to breath.
God’s steadfast love is present still in each of us,
it is the gift of peace.

God’s steadfast love
was proclaimed in ages past by prophets and by kings.
God’s steadfast love is still acclaimed,
a message that will not cease.

God’s steadfast love
was desired by nations small and great,
God’s steadfast love they tried to conquer
how foolish of a way to reason.

God’s steadfast love
would not be restricted or tethered down it seems.
God’s steadfast love is always love,
not matter if we leave it battered, bruised or beaten.

God’s steadfast love
was heralded as coming nigh.
God’s steadfast love among us here,
for us, for you, for me?

God’s steadfast love
freedom that is the way of life.
God’s steadfast love is healing us,
the grace designed to be.

God’s steadfast love
the plan unfolds to reveal God’s very Son.
God’s steadfast love a woman’s “yes”, a child’s birth,
love revealed without decay.

God’s steadfast love
beyond the walls and barriers we still create.
God’s steadfast love a constant path,
that leads us on God’s way.

God’s steadfast love
has come to us with open hands and heart.
God’s steadfast love made for us,
no need to turn or run.

God’s steadfast love
dwells in us and lives among us.
God’s steadfast love calls each of us
to be a tabernacle for God’s Son.

God’s steadfast love
the guiding light to fill our Advent days.
God’s steadfast love is our hope,
for God’s faithfulness is always true.

God’s steadfast love
is always, constant, and forever.
God’s steadfast love for each of us,
for them, for us, for me, for you.

Come Lord do not delay!
May your steadfast love be light for our Advent days.


Blessings on your Advent Week!