Holy Spirit Province Saint-Esprit
Franciscans of CanadaFranciscains du Canada

Ordo Fratrum Minorum





I hunger for you Bread of Life

for I know you are strength

and I know you are nourishment.


I hunger for you Cup of Salvation

for I know you are sustenance

and I know you are courage.


I hunger for you Body of Christ

for I know you are life

and I know you are the way and the truth.


I hunger for you Holy Communion

for I know you are my daily bread

and I know you fill me with thanksgiving.


I crave for you Lord Jesus.

I thirst for you Lord Jesus. 

I hunger for you Lord Jesus.


Lord Jesus,

for the gift of your body and blood

you freely gave as a lasting memorial,

as an encounter of you,

and the gift of your Risen Life,

I say thank you.

I look forward to meeting you in the Eucharist

again and again.