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A Salt & Light TV Documentary about the Franciscans!

A Salt & Light TV Documentary about the Franciscans!


Throughout the year, Salt & Light Television followed the Franciscans of the two Canadian Provinces, St. Joseph Province in the East of Canada and Christ the King Province in the West of Canada, on their path towards unity and formation of a new Franciscan Province, the Holy Spirit Province.

The director Francis Dennis accompanied them in different contexts, in different parishes and fraternities, to capture the essence of the Franciscan charism.Filming continued until the unification process was completed, with the Chapter of Union in October 2018. With an important emphasis on the history of the Franciscans, this hour-long documentary includes several testimonials, from Franciscan friars as well as the people who benefit from the Franciscan presence in their lives and from the positive influence of this religious order, founded in the 13th century by Francis of Assisi.

To see the documentary: click here!