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Peru missions


Aerial view of Moquegua, 1960s

The Franciscans from the Custody of Christ the King of western Canada arrived in Peru as missionaries in July 1962. They were assigned the missionary district in southern Peru in the department of Moquegua, looking after two cities, Moquegua and Ilo.  

The first Franciscans from western Canada who arrived in Peru were Fr. Barthole Charbonneau and Br. Rudolph Kolodychuk. They were later joined by Fr. Raynier Chabot and Fr. Wilfred Brazeau.


Photograph caption reads: His Excellency Monseigneur Alfonso Zaplana Belliza, bishop of Tacna and Moquegua, with Fr. Raynier Chabot, current superieur, Fr. Barthole Charbonneau and Br. Rudolph Kolodychuk, May 1963.  Inset: Arrival at Moquegua of the first superior, Fr. Wilfred Brazeau, accompanied by Fr. Wenceslaus Sebastian, Custos of the Custody of Christ the King of the Franciscans of Western Canada, and Fr. Barthole Charbonneau, 1 Jul 1962

Left: Fr. Raynier Chabot in Moquegua, ca. 1962
Right: Fr. Francis Fahlman and Br. Rudolph Kolodychuk with two Sisters of Charity of St. Louis in Peru, 1965