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San Antonio mission

San Antonio mission


In 1931, the Poitras family offered the Franciscans use of a portion of their property located at Moose Lake, Alberta, for a camp and mission. The Franciscans gladly accepted this offer and named the new mission San Antonio. For the first few years, it was used as a summer camp and retreat for students and staff of St. Anthony’s College in Edmonton.

Construction at Moose Lake, 1931-1933

Students and staff of St. Anthony’s College canoeing on Moose Lake, 1930s

Notre Dame de la Visitation church was constructed in 1933 built with logs harvested from the area. Weekly mass was celebrated at this mission attended by many families from the surrounding community.

Left: Interior of San Antonio mission chapel, ca. 1933
Right: Franciscans and surrounding residents at San Antonio mission chapel, 5 Aug 1934