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#LaudatoSi5- Morning Praises

#LaudatoSi5- Morning Praises

Morning Praise

Valley air

freshness lofts in

and all around,

hymns of the birds

lifts my soul,


gently kisses the day,

shades of green

awakening to life

all lifting

their praise to God.


A distant barking dog

calling for play,

the cawing rooster

chimes in too,

day unfolding gently

with invitation

the bell tolls

the day begins.


I arise

adding my praise,

lifting my heart

to God.

This poem was written while I was on pilgrimage in Italy. It was written at Greccio, a favorite place of St. Francis of Assisi and where he created the first creche scene.

Laudato Si’ Action:

Do you have a favorite place in creation?

Have you given thanks to God for this place?

What are your Morning Praises?